I appreciate Andrea! She has helped me to transfer my body into a much stronger me.  I have learned how to eat better and train harder.  She is an amazing trainer!

– Katrina, Hair Stylist

With Andrea's guidance and enthusiasm I was finally able to jump start my (40+) metabolism!  Although I was a healthy eater and exercised regularly, I struggled with my weight...little did I know that there is a science to it. From meal plans to exercise, she shared her secret formulas to weight loss and to the overall healthier, stronger, leaner body.  In two months I have lost 12 lbs. and several inches and feel better and more confident than I have in years!!!  Andrea is passionate about the "healthy lifestyle" and has the experience, knowledge and energy to help others make themselves better. She is extremely reliable and available and holds your hand through the process...and this is only because she honestly cares!!  She is also a great listener...It is important to her that you are enjoying the process.  I won't lie though...the first month is hard, but by the end of month two, I am in a very comfortable routine.  With Andrea by my side for two months, she gave me the tools I needed to succeed. The results are priceless...hiring Andrea was the best gift I could have ever given myself!

– Andrea, Artist

If you wish to be as beautiful as Andrea Schwartz, look no further and train with the best personal trainer money can buy!  Andrea is the nicest human being you could meet as well!  Supportive, kind, encouraging.  Nothing is more fun than working out with Andrea!  She will make your life better than ever!

– Amy

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